Maahanmuuttajien yrittäjyys

Co-operative entrepreneurship in Finland – information for immigrants

Co-operative society is one form of doing business in Finland and it is suitable also for immigrants. It involves joint entrepreneurship, which means that business is practiced in co-operation with other members. When establishing a co-operative you must think carefully about the business idea and entrepreneurial skills of the members. Understanding of the Finnish language and society is also very important.

Tampere Region Cooperative Centre, Briefly In English

Co-operatives established by immigrants

Monikulttuurinen Osuuskunta Alfa
Pojanpolku 1 B 24
21200 Raisio
Tel. (02) 247 4095, (040) 776 7753
(Daycare, music center, translation services)

Aelita Osuuskunta
Korsholmantie 9
00200 Helsinki
Tel. 045 273 2210
(Education services)

Osuuskunta Taitomestarit
Hämeentie 103 A
00550 Helsinki
tel. (09) 753 2664
(Construction, renovating, home care)

Osuuskunta Suomen Taolainen Neijing-koulu
The Finnish Taoist Neijing-school Co-operative
Heikantie 1
01450 VANTAA
Tel. 040 820 1798

More information in english

Pellervo, Finnish service organisation for cooperation

Enterprise Finland

BIS, The Finnish Business Information system

Database of Finnish acts and decrees